Koner Limited 


we are aluminum led frame profile and custom aluminum led edge lit sign Designer &Manufacturer based in Dongguan (near to shenzhen).


1. custom led edge lit sign series: whether for personal or commercial use, we design custom led sign lighting for all types of applications, come with different colours and styles.  


2. led frame profile series, which include led profiles, led lighting box, poster frame for displaying


3 .custom aluminum & metal processing(CNC turning,CNC machining)


we design,develop and processing products from small to medium and large Qty's, welcome to inquiry and order samples or send your own designs to make custom products.


please send us your design for our quotation reference, fast reply...best quality...fast lead time ...


Add: Tuqiao cun, Qingxi Town ,DongGuan city, P.R.China 523660

E-mail : konerltd@163.com

Q Q   : 1551178314

whatsApp:  +86  170 8446 7689